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Vancouver Election Has Bigger Issues Than Bike Lanes

I felt compelled to see these protestors in person. A younger, more angsty self would have wanted to mock and troll them, literally ride circles around them and ring my bell. But I'm older and more chill now, and really I just wanted to see if they were real, if their hearts were in it or if they were just NPA hacks, and if they were as homogeneously old, white, and wealthy as they appeared in pictures.

Controversial Bike Lanes Approved

A months-long standoff between the City of Vancouver and bike lane opponents on the city's west side came to an end late Monday night as council voted to create new cycling infrastructure in Kitsilano...

HOW LONG Could The Bike Lane Debate Last?

The first batch of more than 150 speakers had their say on a proposal to install bike lanes along Point Grey Road in Kitsilano at Vancouver city hall last night. The $6-million Seaside Greenway plan...

Guess Where Gregor's Moving To?

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is moving to new digs in Kitsilano near a proposed bike lane, a move that has prompted him to recuse himself from voting on matters related to the project. Robertson a...