Post Cuts


Massive Mail Volume Drop Coming

Canada Post is preparing for a 50 per cent drop in the volume of mail and will have to reinvent itself over the next five years, says CEO Deepak Chopra. The Crown corporation, which is weathering a b...

Hundreds Rally Against Proposed Changes

Hundreds of postal workers and supporters rallied in downtown Ottawa Sunday afternoon, saying there has to be better ways to correct Canada Post’s finances without stopping urban door-to-door delivery...

Republican Loves Our Mail Cutbacks

WASHINGTON - The announced demise of home mail delivery in Canada has prompted a celebratory reaction from one U.S. lawmaker, who longs to see his own country adopt a similar reform to end residential...

Make It Snappy: Conservatives

OTTAWA - Just as what it delivers is changing dramatically, Canada Post must make difficult changes to keep pace in the digital world, the head of Crown agency told a Commons committee Wednesday.In de...

Not Every Canadian Is Online, What About Their Mail?

Canadians living in urban centres will no longer be provided door to door mail service. While many of us, from across the age spectrum, use the Internet, not all Canadians are "online." I am troubled by the government's decision to choose "cuts" rather than innovation to adapt to technological change. Like so many other cuts to government jobs and services, the Conservatives continue to emasculate the presence and role of the federal government, and in doing so, they loosen the threads that bind us together.