The Children Christy Clark Forgot

I'm thinking of the students who wish school was open today. The ones whose only meal each day is the one they get through a school meal program. Premier Christy Clark is probably hoping that we have forgotten about her broken promises. She won't want us to remember what she said about putting "families first" in her last election campaign.

Could You Live On $1.75 A Day?

TORONTO - Could you live on $1.75 a day and eat nutritiously? Hundreds of Canadians are going to join thousands around the world next week in a challenge called Live Below the Line, created by the Glo...

Giving Refugee Children a Holiday to Remember

The little girl from Iran was ready to meet Santa. She had heard all about the jolly man in a red suit, but never actually seen him in person. Anahita Azita emerged from the Christie Refugee Welcome Centre in Toronto, dressed in a princess costume someone had donated. Her face was a picture of joyous anticipation.

Smoke Traders and the Story of Native Poverty

Waiting, waiting and waiting for promises of a better life built the Native Tobacco industry. The taste of success and finical independence lead to the growth of this business. Many don't want this way of life but circumstances have led many to this profession.

How Food Drives Can Alienate Families

One local CBC radio station celebrates an annual event called "Sounds of the Season." The price of admission is a donation of a food item to the local food bank. This annual event is beginning to feel a lot like "them" and "us" to me. Drawing lines between those who can make a donation and those who must ask for help is not going to benefit any of us.

Canada Needs a Poverty Strategy Now

On October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, women who have a lived experience of poverty spoke to a group of parliamentarians, social justice organizations and community members at the Conference Centre in Ottawa to make sure a clear message was heard: poverty still exists, and there is no reason for this in a country as wealthy as Canada. A crucial next step is to develop a federal plan to end poverty.
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All Canadians Have a Right to Food

It's a big week for food security in Canada -- not only did Food Banks Canada launch their annual Hunger Awareness Week, but the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food arrived as well. One in four Canadians use the service of a food bank. As people challenge themselves to 'give up' a food item they enjoy, they should consider the reason people go hungry: lack of income.