Premier Kathleen Wynne


How the Liberal Budget Will Harm Taxpayers

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has drawn a line in the sand, and if Premier Kathleen Wynne crosses it, Ontario will head to the polls for a spring election. Much to the delight of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, this line in the sand is about tax increases.

Premier Wynne: Just Say No to Flaherty

Flaherty's single federal securities regulator on the provinces will have devastating economic consequences that the Wynne-Liberal government will inflict upon the Ontario economy. There are many reasons why this is a very bad deal for Ontario, grasshopper. Here is one such reason.

Yes, I'm a Woman Who Can Run the Economy

Last February, I became the first female Premier of Ontario. One of the myths I'm dealing with right now is the idea that a female leader cannot make a forceful, positive impact as a steward of the economy. People will say to me, flat out: "Kathleen, we know you care about people, but we're not sure you can run the economy." It's tempting to quote Sheryl Sandberg here and the need to "lean in" to criticism like this. But I'm going to quote a Canadian leader instead, that other, earlier Trudeau: "Just watch me." I'm going to change the way we approach our economic challenges because I understand how our economy relates to real people, real life. That's my motivation. That's my drive.

Horse Racing Towards a Better Economy

The new Ontario government believes in a strong, sustainable future for the horse racing industry in this province. We have a plan, guided by the report of the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel, for a way forward that will put the industry on a sustainable path. I know how important the horse racing and breeding industries are to the culture and economy of communities across Ontario, and that is why our government will continue to work with the industry to ensure that it has a strong, sustainable future.

Andrea Horwath's Fall From Grace

I thought Andrea Horwath had the political smarts, toughness and experience to lead her party, the NDP, to its first victory since Bob Rae. I am terribly sorry. I was wrong. Last year Horwath was novel. A ballsy, earthy authentic female leader. This time around. Not so much.