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Not Exactly Ms. Popular

B.C. Premier Christy Clark is ending 2014 with her approval rating essentially unchanged — but her ranking still lands her among the least popular provincial leaders in Canada. Thirty-four per cent of...

Canada's Least Popular Premier Is..

The provincial leaders voted most and least popular in a new Angus Reid survey should come as no surprise. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall earned the top spot yet again, with an approval rating of 66...
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Of Course Harper Isn't Going to Meet the Premiers. Would You?

I see the premiers are upset that Prime Minister Harper will not be attending their next session on the economy in Halifax next November. We can almost certainly guarantee that if the Prime Minister went to the November meeting each and every premier would find plenty of opportunities to go in front of the media to castigate the Prime Minister on a long list of issues. In turn the Prime Minister would then be forced to respond to their attacks during his media availability. Certainly that is not the best way to have reasonable well-thought out discussions on the economy or on any other issue for that matter. Why should Harper risk it?

Women Premiers Shake Things Up

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Nunavut Premier Eva Aariak looks forward to a shift in dynamics when provincial and territorial leaders gather next month in Victoria.For the first time ever, three other women will...

Canada's Least Popular Premiers

If there were any lingering doubts that Canada is becoming more conservative minded, a new Angus Reid survey on the popularity of premiers should put them to rest. The top three most popular premiers...