How Monarchy Saved the Media (This Week)

Of course, this year's Victoria week was uniquely special since we were able to engage in the never-tiresome debate about the appropriate role of royal symbolism right in the faces of actual royals! With Prince Charles and his current wife in town, perhaps someone could squeeze out a couple hundred words about why England's power couple makes us proud to be Canadian, said the nation's editors.

Queen City Readies For Royalty

REGINA - Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were kept busy on the final day of their whirlwind visit to Canada as they met more of the people the prince has described as an inspirati...

Charles And Camilla In Toronto

TORONTO - Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have kicked off the Ontario leg of their Canadian tour.The royal couple has landed at Toronto's Pearson International Airport after leaving New Brunswick,...