Public Speaking Tips

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How to Know When You've Given a Good Presentation

How do you deal when the reaction that you get is NOT what you expected? When you don't even know if, after all that work, time, and effort, your presentation hit the mark... or missed it altogether? Many of my clients often say to me, "When I give a presentation at work, even if I've worked hard on it and I know it's got the right information, the people I'm presenting to look at me with blank faces.

Is "Your Story" Helping or Hurting Your Presentation?

Without a thorough understanding of your audience, an understanding of who they are, what their challenges are, and why they've come to hear you speak, your story -- and your speech -- will fall short of having the impact that can really engage them. The best content, the best stories, the best experience means nothing if the audience doesn't relate to it.

5 Ways To Nail Your Next Speaking Engagement

After years of attending and giving presentations, I believe few speakers are able to really get through to their audience using a "presentation" approach. This involves simply imparting information and expecting the audience to listen and retain it -- not very dynamic. Here are five tips to consider as you prepare for your next speaking engagement.

Three Things You Should Never Say to an Audience

Indeed, giving a presentation is a huge responsibility. Part of that responsibility is sharing valuable content, staying focused, and showing respect to your audience. The other responsibility is choosing your words carefully, so that there are no distractions or irritations that keep your audience from leaving your presentation anything but informed, intrigued, and inspired.

What Not to Do on Talk Shows

So, you finally get a shot at it -- you get that call from the producer or host and you land a spot on the show. What a great opportunity to get your message out! The question is: what kind of guest are you going to be? Here are the best ways to be the best worst guest on TV and radio talk shows and ensure you never, ever get called back.