Quebec Charter Of Values Popularity

Did the Ethnic Vote Crush Pauline Marois?

Was the rise in voter turnout linked to an increase of immigrant and visible minorities voters? Was it the Charter or the spectre of another referendum for them to "steal" that drove them to the polls in record numbers? If Premier Marois had access to better polling data surveying minorities who make up a sizeable chuck of the electorate, would she have pulled the electoral chain to begin with? As pollsters drown in the sea of complacency and/or mortal fear of uncovering the uncomfortable truths, the necessary examination of voters will continue to falter.

Media Bites: Quebec's Charter Only Makes Marois More Valuable

The French province's supposedly controversial plan to forbid the wearing of so-called "ostentatious" religious headgear in government workplaces has been resoundingly denounced by virtually all outlets of establishment Canadian thinking. And yet it doesn't seem to be sticking. So Quebec's anti-multiculturalist "Charter of Values" is popular. Can we stop acting so surprised?