The Quebec Election's Warning to Harper: Bad Ideas Will Lose

There is a message from the Quebec election for Prime Minister Stephen Harper: ideas matter while dangerous, unfair ones will come back to haunt you. In a result few would have predicted at the outset, Quebec's Liberals unseated the reigning Parti Quebecois and won a solid majority after running a straightforward campaign of better government for a better economy. So what does this mean for the Harper government, which could take the country to the polls in the coming months? It will all come down to whether constituents, especially in vote-rich Ontario, are tired of the bad ideas and divisive overreach of their government in Ottawa.

Who Will Win Quebec's Election?

With a week left before they go to the voting booths, Quebecers need to decide who they want as their next premier - or maybe just who they don't. The polls suggest Pauline Marois of the Parti Québéco...

The Race Is This Big

Candidates are being identified, campaign offices rented and buses prepped as Quebec heads toward an election, expected to be called Wednesday. The life of Jean Charest's nine-year-old government is...