Quebec Language Laws


'Pastagate' Prompts Changes

MONTREAL - The internationally renowned Pastagate affair has resulted in new ways for Quebec's language watchdog to handle its beefs.The Office quebecois de la langue francaise has adopted a new two-t...

Don't Let Quebec Get Away With This

The government of Quebec is attempting yet again to further its agenda of imposing the supremacy of one language group above human rights. We are getting perilously close to losing this country if we continue to appease Quebec by giving in to these violations.

PQ To Military Families: Too Bad

The Quebec government is refusing to back down on a controversial part of its new language bill, which would have a major impact on Quebec’s military families. Among its many amendments, Bill 14 prop...

Attitude Adjustment Needed

MONTREAL - The new leader of Quebec's Liberal party has called for an attitude overhaul when it comes to language in the province and criticized current legislation to protect French.Philippe Couillar...