Quebec Premier Jean Charest

Bring on the Election's Dullest Feature: Quebectorials!

Now that a Quebec election has been called, pretty much every Canadian pundit of note or acclaim has published a Quebecertorial over the last two days, which might make a certain naive sort of person assume there's a lot to be said about the race. In reality, alas, there's pretty much only one thing to say, and everyone just wants to say it over and over. Namely, it's gonna be pretty awful and boring. I mean, have you met the cast of characters?

Will He Be Back?

QUEBEC - Jean Charest left the Quebec legislature to begin his summer break Friday — and it remains to be seen whether he'll ever return as premier.Charest said he expected the legislature to reconven...

Why the Media Hate-On for Quebec Students?

Two quiet professors in yesterday's Globe and Mail drew upon that rarest resource in opinion writing (actual evidence). They noted one of the great unspoken truths about post-secondary education in Canada: the leading variable determining whether kids attend university or not is usually cultural pressure within one's social class -- not cost. For some reason, asking university-educated journalists to analyze politically active university students rarely yields these sorts of conclusions, however.
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Happy Anniversary Charest!

MONTREAL - Quebec students showed no sign of backing down Saturday in their battle with the provincial government, staging another massive march through the streets of Montreal.Thousands of students w...

Jean Charest: No Fall Vote

TOKYO - Quebec Premier Jean Charest is ruling out a snap provincial election this fall.Speculation has been rife the premier might be tempted to capitalize on current bickering within the Opposition P...