Quebec Separatists


Mulcair Is Putting Canada At Risk By Pandering to Separatists

All Canadians, regardless of their home province, want a principled federal Government that gets things done, not one that panders, not one that is reckless, and certainly not one that lowers the bar for the break-up of our country. Thomas Mulcair hopes to woo separatists into voting NDP and he's putting the healed wounds of our national unity at risk to do so. Our country is at a crossroads. After nearly a decade of Harper they are hungry for real change and a positive new course.

It Wouldn't Be Canada Without Quebec

On October 30, 1995, I was in downtown Montreal, where many of the shopkeepers are immigrants. Rue Ste Catherine; St. Dennis: I wandered these streets and others whose names I was too upset to notice. It was Referendum Day. Quebeckers were voting. By day's end, Canadians would know if we were still a country. The streets were almost deserted that day, the shopkeepers downcast. It was as if the mourning for Canada had already begun. Surprisingly, the separatists were defeated. Narrowly. Some blamed Quebec's immigrants for the loss. They'd voted overwhelmingly against separation.

The Big 'What If'

OTTAWA - "Bof" — that francophone shrug of indifference might very well sum up the feeling of most Canadians vis-a-vis the Quebec election campaign.But federal leaders are paying close attention to an...
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Harper's International Victory

Over a 20-year period, the term of the lease now being renewed by ICAO and Quebec/Canada, ICAO will generate several billion dollars of revenue for the city of Montreal. This is a fight that Harper had to win. And he, Baird and the whole Team Montreal, won decisively. A huge international victory.

Parti Quebecois On The Brink

QUEBEC - A prominent member of the Parti Quebecois says it is staring into the political abyss.Bernard Drainville believes the party urgently needs to review its strategy on sovereignty in the wake of...

Rough Weekend For Quebec Sovereigntists

Quebec's sovereignty movement is weathering a tumultuous weekend, with infighting in Parti Québécois ranks over a new separatist party and the performance of leader Pauline Marois. The new sovereignt...