Quebec Tuition Hike


PQ Scrap Tuition Hike

QUEBEC - The tuition increase that triggered such social strife in Quebec was cancelled Thursday during an action-packed first full day in office for the Parti Quebecois government.The new government...

Is The End Nigh?

MONTREAL - Negotiations between students and the provincial government will resume Thursday after students left a third night of talks saying the government wanted time to study their latest proposal....

Bill 78 Hearing Moved To Friday

MONTREAL - A legal challenge against Quebec's controversial protest law will now be heard Friday.The case was scheduled to proceed today but a spokeswoman for one of the student federations contesting...
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Accessible Education: A Societal Choice

At stake is more than a mere tuition increase, but the very concept of accessible education. Do Quebecers want to maintain a proud tradition of accessible education? Or does the province want to limit opportunities so that only some can attend university and secure a promising future?