Ralph Klein Funeral

How Should We <em>Really</em> Remember Ralph Klein?

No matter how rude or insulting Klein became, he also was a darling of the mainstream media. When a drunken Premier berated poor unemployed men at midnight at a homeless shelter, telling them to get jobs and throwing money at them, he was forgiven by media and right-wingers because, well, it was Ralph and that's just the way he was. However, the homeless shelter incident is a clear sign of how the establishment and its' media viewed the plight of the poor with indifference.

'Hey, Alberta. Come On Down'

CALGARY - Ralph would have wanted it this way.A public memorial honouring former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein began Friday with the skirl of bagpipes, solemn faces and a white hearse, but soon morphed...

Ralph To Be Remembered

CALGARY - A longtime friend of Alberta premier Ralph Klein said Saturday the family wanted his journey to end where it all began 44 years ago.Rod Love said the family was offered a state funeral for K...