Chris So via Getty Images

Move Over Rob Ford: How I'd Restore Civility in City Hall

As mayor, I will move to adopt ranked ballots, a model that would help to unite our divided city by rewarding candidates with a broad appeal within the electorate. Too much of our current political discourse is spent on negativity, or pitting councillors against one another. Ranked ballots would help eliminate this rancor, fostering a more positive political environment. Ever wonder why political parties choose leaders this way? It's because ranked ballots help maintain a certain level of civility that has been AWOL from Toronto politics for quite some time.

The Voting System That Could Fix Democracy

It almost seems fraudulent to elect someone to office who doesn't have the support of the majority -- but my friend, it happens all the time. So what do we do about this undemocratic travesty? Enter the Ranked Ballot Initiative (RaBit), a citizen-led electoral reform campaign designed to introduce, you guessed it, ranked ballots (instant runoff voting) for municipal elections by 2018.