Sunday Roundup: Life Is in the Earth

Happy Earth Day! I hope to spend today, ideally, puttering about my garden. Yes, we can all aspire to do something more high-minded, but even just beautifying your own patch of soil contributes to the pleasure of everyone around you (including even something as simple as a window box).Relaxing, too, will help me recover from what was truly an amazing week here at HuffPost -- and what promises to be another in the coming week. In home news, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney joined our editorial team on Wednesday for dinner -- and a no-holds-barred question session, including questions from our readers. You'll be impressed by his frankness.

What Raymond Taavel Would Have Said About His Killer

If Raymond Taavel, who was killed outside a gay bar in Halifax on Tuesday, had been at his own vigil, he most likely would show us that the 32 years of his killer's life were, in all probability, as painful as the moment his own head hit the concrete. Taavel would argue that chances are very good that the very things he fought against were the sources of this pain.