Rbc Taylor Prize


If You Can Make A Difference, Then You Should

It is through these examples that I understand leadership -- that it is about service, about helping those in need and about doing the right thing, not for some reward, but simply because it is the right thing to do. As I look around at my province I see other examples of leadership and service.
Tony Bock via Getty Images

Memoir And The Persistent Problem Of Truth

We live in the most autobiographical era of human history, documenting and sharing the minutiae of our daily lives. It's hard to know what impact this will have on memoirs yet unwritten. Memoir, as a genre, has been under intense scrutiny since that watershed moment in 2006 which saw James Frey tumble from Oprah poster boy to flailing pariah.

RBC Taylor Prize: An Interview With Author Plum Johnson

After almost twenty years of caring for elderly parents -- first for their senile father, and then for their cantankerous ninety-three-year-old mother -- author Plum Johnson and her three younger brothers experience conflicted feelings of grief and relief when their mother, the surviving parent, dies.
J.B. MacKinnon

The Ecological Human

Only this kind of person can inhabit nature deeply enough to change our troubled relationship to nonhuman life, to observe carefully enough the changes we will continue to make, and to truly love the return of the wild as a formidable presence in our lives.
J.B. MacKinnon

Making Vancouver a Wilder Place

Almost everyone has experienced the loss of some treasured natural space -- whether an entire forest or a simple vacant lot. This exhibition -- inspired by The Once and Future World -- is a way to connect with that feeling, and also explore the unlimited possibilities of melding the urban and wild.