Real Estate Bubble

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The Present State of Real Estate

This year promises to be particularly exciting for real estate investors. For the first time in many years, we may actually see the interest rates creep up from their historical lows. The head of the US Federal Reserve, Ms. Janet Yellen, indicated on numerous occasions that the rates would go up incrementally as their quantitative easing was coming to an end.

Housing Bubble? Not On My Watch

OTTAWA - Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he's prepared to clamp down on mortgage rules once again if Canada's housing market continues to heat up.The finance minister named consumer debt, w...

Vancouver Home Sales Plunge

VANCOUVER - The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver says home sales fell sharply in December compared with a year ago.The board sales home sales were down 31.1 per cent in the last month of the yea...

Who Can You Believe About the Real Estate Market?

I've always found the disparity of housing market articles fascinating. On any given week I will come across headlines varying from predictions about an imminent collapse to stories about how the market has never been better. Statistics can be manipulated in so many ways that realtors, journalists, economists, or whoever feels like it, can pretty much paint the market to look however it best suits them.