Red Tape

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Convenience Stores Can Finally Have Some Tax Convenience

Neighbourhood convenience retailers are happy to be there to deliver the products that Canadians want, when and how they want them. That is to say, convenient, fast, on-demand. That's not always easy at the best of times, but in the past it's been made significantly harder by Canada's tax system. You see, while convenience retailers are working hard to make your shopping experience simple and straightforward, the tax environment they face is anything but.
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Canada's Free Trade Needs Some Work

In the midst of this new day of free trade between nations, it is precisely the right time to take a close look at our own back yard, and frankly, it needs some work -- particularly given the renewed discussion back home in Canada regarding the difficulty of doing business from one Canadian province to another.
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There's a Whole Lot of 'Cracy' in Bureaucracy

For the early part of my government "career", I took the "performance review" seriously. I actually thought that it was important to meet or even exceed my goals and that this would lead me to a higher position. Luckily, I eventually figured out that the whole exercise was an elaborate sham. Whether or not you met your goals, or even had goals for that matter, was totally irrelevant.

Clement Teases Business-Booster Bill

OTTAWA - New legislation aimed at removing outdated regulations that hobble businesses — what Prime Minister Stephen Harper once called "a silent killer of jobs" — will be introduced Wednesday by the...

Ottawa Goes 'One-For-One' On Red Tape

OTTAWA - Bring in a new regulation, get rid of an old one.That's the key recommendation of the government's red tape reduction commission."We are recommending the adoption of the one-for-one rule," sa...