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Canada's Welcoming Of Refugees Is A Simple Act Of Charity

Due to the heated political atmosphere from which the initial promise emerged, with Trudeau's Liberals keen to position themselves in stark contrast to Harper's Conservatives, I feel that the massive attention this has garnered from both sides -- both of acclaim and censure -- has been greatly exaggerated. With all the rhetoric from proponents and opponents, we forget that this is a simple act of charity.

Refugees, In A Word

The appropriate clearances in the source countries by international and our own government officials and a continued vigilance throughout the process of identifying refugees to become our next residents is important to ensure success and assure our residents. Because of the systems in place and the prioritization of specific groups within the pool, the risk of a terrorist coming into this country is very low. It may be different in some European countries where hundreds of thousands are streaming into the country, often meaning that the level of screening presently done for our country is unlikely to occur.
Amnesty International

Canada Can Do More To Advance Refugee Rights And Protection

A year ago the first words that came to mind in connection with Canadian refugee policy were restrictions, limitations and exclusion. Today it might instead be generosity, rights and compassion. But it doesn't and absolutely cannot end with 25,000 Syrian refugees arriving by spring and doctors being once again allowed to provide necessary treatment to refugees and refugee claimants. We cannot forget the pressing needs of refugees from other parts of the world. The global refugee population has skyrocketed in recent years, in large part because four million Syrians have fled the country.
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It's Our Duty To Help Refugees, Even If We Are Afraid

I'm scared that we will somehow fail the people we sponsor, or that they will be ungrateful and not very nice. I suppose I'm slightly concerned that they will actually be bad people. And I'll admit I'm a little scared (possibly irrationally) of the remotely possible Fundamental Islamification of Canada. I feel, incidentally, that I should be allowed to express these fears without being called a racist or xenophobe. But most of those are small, imaginary fears, and what refugees from Syria are fleeing are big, real fears.
Artur Wilczynski

I Was A Refugee From The Soviet Bloc - This Is My Story

What does the arrival of thousands of refugees mean to me and my family? Will we be safe? Will they integrate into Norwegian or Canadian society? How much will all of this cost? Canada and Canadians have answered these questions about refugees before. We have the experience of rescuing waves of refugees. We have the will and we have the compassion. I know. My family and I have been there. I am one of them. This is my refugee story.