Remembrance Day 2013

The Canadian Press

LOOK: B.C. Remembers

VANCOUVER - British Columbians have joined people across the country to mark Remembrance Day and honour veterans and soldiers who have died in war.In Vancouver, the block around the city's downtown ce...

Lest We Forget

OTTAWA - In wet snow under grey skies, the annual Remembrance Day ceremonies played out Monday with all their sombre dignity.Thousands crowded around the towering granite arch of the National War Memo...

Canada, I Fought For You and You Let Me Down

For a soldier, the battle does not end once you leave the warzone. I will be fighting the effects of my injuries from "the incident" for the rest of my life, and that is why I am writing this piece. Over the past seven years I have been fighting another battle, one for a pension that befits the injury and the effects that the terrible day in Afghanistan left me with. I have sought the help of my MP, doctors, the media, the military ombudsmen, and Veterans Affairs, but they have all left me no further ahead than when I started, and with the startling conclusion that 5% of a soldier's brain is worth a mere $22,000.