Remembrance Day


Sunday Roundup: Time to Book That Greek Vacation?

So I bet you're wondering post-G20: Is this the impending end of the world--or an opportunity for a cheap holiday in Greece next year? Even the experts can't say which way the global economy will go: If Greece quits the euro and returns to a devalued drachma, will Spain and Italy be forced to follow? Will Canada's "Little Toot" economy continue to chug along resiliently ahead of the U.S.'s sinking steamship? To help us make sense of all this, we welcomed aboard a new Huffpost contributor, EU expert Jeffrey Cimbalo. His latest post declares the G20 an abject failure. Hmm. Don't start googling discount Olympic Air tickets yet.

Sunday Roundup

I'm just going to admit it outright: I am weary of Halloween. I'm not sure what the 'Grinch' equivalent is for this holiday, but that's what I am. I don't look forward to the gooey, slimy, hazardous mess that is pumpkin carving. I don't like dressing up in a costume. I dislike, intensely, the death 'n gore theme. And I'd rather not answer the door 50 times in an evening, only to hand out the same 'assorted candy bar' selection as everyone else -- and to trick or treaters in their 20s yet -- at the risk of having my house egged for failing to do so. "Thriller" and "Monster Mash" become as irritating in their repetition at this time of year as "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" does by late November. Do I sound cranky yet?