Why Rob Ford's Addiction is An Explanation, Not An Excuse

In the case of someone like Rob Ford, he may have very little control over his cravings for alcohol, and this is where he deserves sympathy. In a culture where everyone has something -- coffee, cigarettes, marijuana, shopping, alcohol, need for approval, etc. -- it shouldn't be too hard for us to sympathize with someone dealing with a dependence problem. However, as a man who has good financial resources and who is capable of accomplishing significant person goals, he has considerable, personal influence over the treatment of this problem.

Fact-Checking Rob Ford

In his first post-rehab interview, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to "lying, conniving and hiding to cover up" his substance-abuse problems. The mayor’s deceptions have led his political oppo...

Is Rob Ford Really In Rehab?

Is Rob Ford really in rehab? That's a question being asked after the troubled mayor of Canada's largest city broke his silence to a Toronto Sun columnist about a week after taking a leave of absence t...