Rob Ford Alcoholic


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'Sheer Stupidity'

TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's admitted alcohol and drug use have shone a glaring spotlight on addiction and substance abuse. But have Ford's troubles raised the kind of awareness that is benefici...

As an Addiction Therapist, I Think Rob Ford Needs Help

When the news finally broke about the alleged crack video being in the hands of the Toronto Police, the addiction therapist in me saw it as a blessing in disguise for Mr. Ford. I recall thinking "maybe now he will stop this charade, get the help he needs and get his life back on track." I don't know Mr. Ford personally. But what I do know is that his behaviour of late is very indicative of an alcoholic or a drug addict. If he's serious about wanting to remain in office, I think it is irresponsible of him to pretend as though everything is fine. It's not fine, and I base that only on what has come out publicly. I can't even imagine what we don't know about.