Doug Ford Backs Off

Doug Ford is downplaying his previous comments that suggested Police Chief Bill Blair was involved in a leak of information motivated by a desire for revenge against Mayor Rob Ford. But the Etobicoke...

Investigation Into Ford At A 'Standstill'

The investigation into Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the so-called crack video is in a holding pattern, and will only proceed if new evidence is brought forward, according to the Ontario Provincial Polic...

Why Haven't Charges Been Laid?

As the latest release of police wiretap information unveils more shocking insight into Rob Ford's behaviour, some are wondering why Toronto's mayor is not facing criminal charges. Documents...

Rob Ford: 'I Have Smoked Crack Cocaine'

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to reporters at City Hall Tuesday that he has smoked crack cocaine. UPDATE: At a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Ford again apologized for his behaviour but vowed t...

Rob Ford Has the Right to Deal With His Issues in Private

Since it was revealed Ford was allegedly smoking from a crack pipe in a video that the public has yet to see, some have been calling for Ford to take a leave of absence or resign. I get that Ford's conduct is raising eyebrows, but if it goes beyond stupidity then it isn't up to us to diagnose him. At the same time this is something that many people choose to undergo privately -- we need to respect those that make that choice.

Doug Ford: Police Chief Should Step Down

UPDATE -- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted he has smoked crack cocaine. The mayor told reporters at city hall that he has tried crack cocaine "probably in one of my drunken stupors.'' "I've made mi...