Rob Ford Bill Blair


Doug Ford Backs Off

Doug Ford is downplaying his previous comments that suggested Police Chief Bill Blair was involved in a leak of information motivated by a desire for revenge against Mayor Rob Ford. But the Etobicoke...

Ford Feels Name Has Been 'Cleared'

TORONTO - A woman living in a suspected crack house, where she suggested the Rob Ford crack video was filmed, complained that the mayor's "people" were stopping by every day following media reports ab...

Ford Says He's 'Not A Criminal'

TORONTO - The scandal-plagued mayor of Toronto says he's not a criminal and wants people to judge him on his record as he seeks re-election.Rob Ford — who has admitted smoking crack cocaine in a "drun...

Ford Calls Out Toronto Police Chief

TORONTO, Canada — Toronto's embattled mayor claimed in an interview aired Monday evening that some of his recent controversies are rooted in political differences with police Chief Bill Blair over bud...

Why Haven't Charges Been Laid?

As the latest release of police wiretap information unveils more shocking insight into Rob Ford's behaviour, some are wondering why Toronto's mayor is not facing criminal charges. Documents...

Rob Ford Has the Right to Deal With His Issues in Private

Since it was revealed Ford was allegedly smoking from a crack pipe in a video that the public has yet to see, some have been calling for Ford to take a leave of absence or resign. I get that Ford's conduct is raising eyebrows, but if it goes beyond stupidity then it isn't up to us to diagnose him. At the same time this is something that many people choose to undergo privately -- we need to respect those that make that choice.

Tory MP: 'Rob Ford Is A Great Mayor'

OTTAWA - Canada's federal MPs were saying little Thursday about what everyone else across the country was talking about: police confirmation of a video that allegedly appears to show Toronto Mayor Rob...

Cops Blew It, Lawyer Says

TORONTO - A renowned lawyer who failed to have Rob Ford ousted from office accused Toronto police on Thursday of deliberately giving the embattled mayor a pass on his alleged drug use and ties to accu...