Ford Era Ends In Toronto

TORONTO - The tumultuous era of scandal-plagued Rob Ford came to an end Monday as his successor officially took over as mayor of Toronto.The first major business of the day for John Tory was a meeting...
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Rob Ford Just Landed His Dream Job

In rapid succession, several tweeters made the same joke -- did Rob Ford just trick Toronto City Council into giving him his dream job? He'll now have a lot fewer boring meetings to attend and lot fewer contentious decisions to make, and can instead devote his full-time attention to the one part of his job that always interested him most to begin with -- the symbolic.
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Rob Ford Is the Greatest Defence for Elite Politicians

The mayor appears to believe that he is like everyone else, and that he should be held only to the base standard of universal debauchery. It is self-contempt to co-operate with him in this effort. Those who remain of his nation inhabit the gutter of politics. Elitism is a defensible and even laudable principle, and we could use more of it. In the doctrine of some Christian sects, the elect are the chosen ones. In a democratic society, they are the elected. And in a meritocracy, the elite are, in theory at least, the best. Contempt for such people has produced the seductive mythology of an ordinary person's mayor.

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Toronto Councillor Doug Ford's microphone was cut off at a raucous city council meeting Wednesday after trying to turn the tables on the man calling for his brother to take a leave of absence. "Every...