Rob Ford Crack Cocaine

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How Addictive Is It?

Ever since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to having smoked crack cocaine, various city councillors and media observers have publicly advised him to seek drug counselling. But in a CNN interview that...

'Ford Nation' Is Resilient

Toronto mayor Rob Ford's approval rating has apparently held steady despite a scandal-plagued week involving admissions of crack cocaine use, public intoxication and the release of a video of the...

Will Rob Ford Give "Crack Heads" a Better Name?

If there's a white-powdered lining to news that the mayor of the fourth-largest city in North America has a substance abuse problem, it's the opportunity to re-visit dangerous stereotypes about people who smoke crack. You've probably called them "crackheads" or "crack whores." You've probably used the word "crack baby." I probably have too without blinking. Why are we so comfortable using crack users as a verbal punching bag? The reason has roots in racism; Society didn't, and often still doesn't, respect the poor black people who are most associated with the drug.

Media Bites: Five Media Perspectives on Rob Ford

To the endless delight of click-bait authors everywhere, Rob Ford is showing no signs of leaving the headlines anytime soon. The pundits have been smashing their keyboards in wild fury ever since, so what are some of the conclusions they've been drawing? The famous quip about scandals is that "it's not the crime, it's the cover up." But sometimes it's neither a crime nor a coverup, it's just that the politician is a horrible embarrassing moron that no one likes. But that's hard to say openly, let alone in an op-ed.

On The Rocks.. But No Quit In Him

Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who claimed he has "nothing left to hide" after admitting to smoking crack cocaine, will show up to face another day on the job this morning at city hall. Certain to...
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Canada The 'Good' No More?

TORONTO - Rob Ford's shocking admission that he's used crack cocaine clashes with the image many foreigners have of Canadians, a political expert said Tuesday as news of the Toronto mayor's drug confe...

A History Of Denials

TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted Tuesday he had used crack cocaine and that there is a video showing him "probably" smoking "something," though he said he didn't lie when questioned in the pa...

Wynne Calls For Justice

TORONTO - Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says police and the justice system should take action following Toronto mayor's shocking admission Tuesday that he's smoked crack cocaine while in office.Ford...

As an Addiction Therapist, I Think Rob Ford Needs Help

When the news finally broke about the alleged crack video being in the hands of the Toronto Police, the addiction therapist in me saw it as a blessing in disguise for Mr. Ford. I recall thinking "maybe now he will stop this charade, get the help he needs and get his life back on track." I don't know Mr. Ford personally. But what I do know is that his behaviour of late is very indicative of an alcoholic or a drug addict. If he's serious about wanting to remain in office, I think it is irresponsible of him to pretend as though everything is fine. It's not fine, and I base that only on what has come out publicly. I can't even imagine what we don't know about.

Chronology Of Controversies

TORONTO — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been embroiled in a series of controversies since before he was elected to the city's top job in October 2010. Here are some of the more notable moments that made...

All Behind Him Now?

The killer of a man seen in a widely publicized photo tied to the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford crack cocaine video scandal has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter for the slaying. The plea de...
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They're Back!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, were critical of the media during the early part of their weekly radio show, which came after a tumultuous few days in which both men denied se...