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Ford Undergoes Intensive Surgery

TORONTO - Doctors have removed a cancerous tumour from Rob Ford's abdomen and the former Toronto mayor has regained consciousness after an intensive surgery that kept him under anesthesia for about 10...

Ford Skipping Remembrance Day Ceremony

TORONTO - Rob Ford's office says the Toronto mayor has cancelled plans to attend the city's Remembrance Day ceremony due to his ongoing battle with cancer.Chief of staff Dan Jacobs says in an email th...

'He Evokes A Sympathy That Is Unique'

TORONTO - When Toronto voters head to the polls next week, they will be choosing a successor to the county's most infamous mayor — a man known to the world for his outrageous behaviour, his profanitie...
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WATCH: Rob Ford.. On A See-Saw

It's not every day you see two grown men bouncing on a see-saw. But on this Sunday, it was Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, taking seats opposite each other on the classic playgr...

Updated Timeline Of Ford's Scandals

TORONTO - Since May 2013, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been embroiled in controversy that began with published reports of a video that allegedly shows him appearing to smoke crack cocaine. A confession...


TORONTO - The antics of embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford could soon be coming to a TV or movie screen.Blue Ice Pictures has acquired the film and television rights to the new book "Crazy Town: The Rob...

Ford Nation Comes Out To Help

Someone is looking to raise $50,000 to help Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pay his legal bills. A campaign on the crowd funding website Indiegogo alleges the mayor has been unfairly targeted by “special inte...
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Ford Nation Should Stop Listening To Its Heart

There's something about Justin Trudeau with his sideways smiles, V-necks and ladies' night that reminds me of smarmy men from my past. That connection is hard to break, even though as a friend recently pointed out, he's probably the politician who best reflects my views. As with our personal relationships, we are often blind to our favourite politicians' faults. We defend them when others bring up their shortcomings -- "You don't know the real Barack!" -- rather than accept the facts. That's why it stung so much when I recently read a piece in the Globe and Mail titled "From messiah to lame duck: How Barack Obama fell to earth."

Ford Swarmed By Crowd At Bills Game

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford drew a crowd, both friendly and derisive, as he took in part of Sunday's NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons at the Rogers Centre.What started as fans gawki...
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Rob Ford Memes: Sometimes All We Can Do Is Laugh

Out here on the road, we're getting laughed at for being Torontonians. Thanks, Rob Ford. There's nothing else to do but dive in with these jesters and join them so with all the downtime that is afforded to us during the day while on tour I've managed to assemble a few homemade memes at Rob Ford's expense.