'Ford Fest' Controversy Heats Up

Rob Ford says the "Ford Fest" barbecue he is hosting this week is not a campaign event, even if robocall invitations to the party ask Torontonians to express their support for the mayor. The Fords con...

We Knew Who Rob Ford Was Before We Elected Him

Both before and during the previous election, it was clear that Rob Ford was racist, homophobic, and had problems with substance abuse and honesty. Nevertheless he won the election. We, all of us who care about justice and democracy, need to ask ourselves why this happened.

Rob Ford Is The Ugly Truth About The Suburbs

Rob Ford isn't a mistake. We like to think Canada is a tolerant nation, but the mayor's pride and prejudice is an accurate reflection of much of the city he leads. We like to imagine we're nothing like our neighbours to the south, but Toronto has its red states and its blue states; it has its Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Herman Cain wrapped up in one neat 330-pound package.