Ford Now Tied For Lead With Chow, Tory: Poll

A new poll suggests that just weeks after his return from rehab, Rob Ford is tied with Olivia Chow and John Tory for the lead in the Toronto mayoral race. The survey from Forum Research, released Wedn...

'Ford Nation' Is Resilient

Toronto mayor Rob Ford's approval rating has apparently held steady despite a scandal-plagued week involving admissions of crack cocaine use, public intoxication and the release of a video of the...

This Is Why People STILL Support Rob Ford

Rob Ford has proven himself to be unpolished, undignified, inarticulate, petulant and impulsive. This displeases many people for obvious reasons, but it particularly disgusts politicians and reporters, who operate in a sphere where the opposite characteristics are considered emblematic of virtue. Yet for many voters, the more relevant questions when a judging a politician are: Is he a greedy bastard and has he tried to screw me over? So far, despite all the disastrous things that have happened, the answer to those questions as they pertain to Rob Ford remains no.