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Ford Unveils $9-Billion Subway Plan

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford unveiled his transit plan Wednesday, calling for 32 kilometres of new subway lines to be built at a cost of $9 billion for the first phase. Highlights of his plan include: - Sub...

Another Big Victory For Ford

TORONTO - Toronto should count on the federal and Ontario governments to help fund a multi-billion-dollar subway extension in the city's east end, Mayor Rob Ford said Wednesday.Ford, who has long push...

He's Willing To Hike Taxes

TORONTO - Toronto taxpayers would see a small tax hike to fund a subway extension in the city's east end, but "the deal's dead" if the province and the federal governments don't pony up their share, T...

How Rob Ford Could Lead Again

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford didn't get his $50 million, but Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne may have given him the next election instead. Politics is a game. The ones who know how to play it rise to the top and usually don't underestimate their opponent.

Rob Ford Has His Eye On Harper's Wallet

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford suggests that the costs of the city's pressing transit needs may lie with the higher levels of government because "they have many more dollars than we do." In an interview Wedn...

Mayor Ford's Firing Won't Come Cheap

Gary Webster, Chief General Manager of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), was fired yesterday without cause. While the TTC is entitled to fire Webster, he will be entitled to financial compensation. In these circumstances, Webster's conduct falls well short of establishing just cause for his dismissal.

A Solution for Toronto's Embattled TTC?

As a pilot project, why not let private enterprise build and operate some or all of Toronto's TTC new lines? Regulated competition could be introduced in order to keep prices down for consumers while the province would save the money. Fares could be lightly taxed in order to generate revenue for the province.

Time to Empower the Nation's Mayors

Last week a legal opinion sought by a counciller revealed the Toronto mayor overstepped his boundaries in his decision to kill the Transit City plan. In Canada, municipalities are children of their respective province. This antiquated -- almost medieval -- hierarchy puts our major cities on the same legislative level as any hamlet or village.