Rob Ford

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Why Rob Ford is a Cautionary Tale For Donald Trump's Supporters

The Donald Trump phenomena in the United States reminds me of our experience in Toronto, Canada, when a so-called everyman mayor who appealed to angry populism was elected. Ford's behaviour proved to be such a distraction that much of his agenda, such as it was, stalled at every step. Ford, like Trump, loved to attack people on their appearance, ethnicity and gender. Over time, personality-driven, badly behaved leaders will get to the point of alienating all but their most ardent allies.
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Top 7 Reasons to Appreciate Toronto

I was recently in Toronto to interview John Tory, the 65th and current mayor of my adoptive hometown. Thinking about my return to New York, I couldn't help but make comparisons. An age-old saying came to mind. "The grass is always greener on the other side." In my case, was it greener on the other side of the border?

Ford Speaks From Hospital Bed

TORONTO - Rob Ford called in from his hospital bed to thank people for their support after his recent cancer surgery.The former Toronto mayor also thanked those who attended a fundraiser Thursday nigh...

Ford Faces Months-Long Recovery

TORONTO - Rob Ford faces months of recovery following successful surgery at a Toronto hospital to remove a cancerous tumour from his abdomen.The former Toronto mayor was under anaesthesia for about 10...

Ford Undergoes Intensive Surgery

TORONTO - Doctors have removed a cancerous tumour from Rob Ford's abdomen and the former Toronto mayor has regained consciousness after an intensive surgery that kept him under anesthesia for about 10...