Robin Thicke Blurred Lines


Miley's Not Racist, Not a Whore, and Not Your Punching Bag

Describe Miley Cyrus' performance any which way you like, and dislike it if you must, but using crass and demeaning words to describe her personally as a human being is nothing more than sexist, slut shaming, and totally undeserved. Also, the accusations of racism and insensitivity to the black community that have been brought against her... I have a bit of a problem with this one. I find the accusations too easy and simply far-fetched. Miley can be accused of many things (poor taste and the almost pathological need to shock being some of them, but hey... I would have liked to have seen most of you when you were 20), but she is not your punching bag where you get to express your latent sexism, your double standards, your misguided accusations of racism, and your hunt for people to blame for your own childrens' questionable morality.

"You Will Get Raped in That Dress"

According to a recent study, nearly one-quarter of adults aged 18 to 34 said women may provoke sexual assault by being drunk and 17 per cent believe women invite assaults by wearing short skirts. These antiquated attitudes are not held by the old-fashioned or aging demographic but by younger Canadians who. Why?

It's 2013, and Women Are Still Their Breasts

This past Wednesday, Justin Timberlake debuted his third single, Tunnel Vision, which quickly deteriorates into an ocean of boobs. Waves and waves of boobs... So much so that Justin's face is, at times, superimposed over these women's breasts. As a woman, it's exhausting to constantly point out the obvious sexism around you. It's tiring to have to explain to some people why you find such things offensive. It's tiring (and insulting) to watch video after video of fully-clad men sing, while naked and semi-naked ornamental women gyrate sexily around them. Like decorations. Like baubles. Like the tinsel on a tree. What's another word for "decorative"? Non-functional.