Ron Reed

Emily Cooper

There's Something Wrong With Vancouver's 'Rainmaker'

The play itself is interesting enough, and the characters strong enough, to sustain our interest for more than two hours. It premiered in 1954 with Geraldine Page as Lizzie and received a Broadway revival in 1999 with Woody Harrelson as Starbuck. As an exercise for young actors, this production probably works well. As a coherent piece of drama, not so much.
Pacific Theatre

'The Seafarer' Is A Worthy Ensemble Production

Four working-class buddies and their strange visitor play poker one very long Christmas Eve. Only two of the players know how much is really at stake as the cards are dealt and Euros tossed into the pot. For most players a few dollars may be lost, but for one character much more is at stake. His knowledge, shared by the audience, is the source of this play's exciting drive to an unpredictable conclusion.