Skateboard Hit And Run Injures 2

VICTORIA - Police in Victoria say they believe they know the identity of a skateboarder suspected in a sidewalk hit-and-run that injured two tourists/Victoria Police say the boarder slammed into a 57-...

Municipal Golf Courses Have Taxpayers Tee'd-Off

Golf revenues are slowly on the decline across Canada. Some B.C. leaders have missed the simplest way of fixing this problem: getting taxpayers out of the golf game all together. It's one thing for taxes to go to essentials like water, sewer or public safety, it's another thing to know you're subsidizing luxuries like municipal golf courses. If you can find a service listed on, government shouldn't be providing it.
Scott Davidson

Hunt For Missing BC Girl

A Vancouver Island family is desperately seeking their missing daughter this Christmas, and police are concerned she may be with a dangerous man. Rebeccah Ankersen, who turned 15 recently, may be in...