The Week in Review: A Second-Best Tribute to First-Rate Sarah Burke

On Saturday, late Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke was honoured as part of National Flag of Canada Day. This was a lovely way to recognize the inspiring young athlete, who died in a training accident two years ago. But given the competitor and athlete that Burke was, there would have been no more fitting spot to honour Sarah Burke than right in the middle of the competitions she loved so much. It's a shame the International Olympic Committee let its bureaucratic anxieties get in the way of such a perfect tribute at Sochi.

Sarah Burke's Legacy To Be Honoured

The flag that has been flying on top of the Peace Tower will be given to the family of the late freestyle skier Sarah Burke on Saturday, a tribute to her legacy on this year's National Flag of Ca...

Those We Lost In 2012

A list, in chronological order, of some of the notable Canadians who died in 2012.JANUARY3 - Celebrated Czech writer Josef Skvorecky, in Toronto at age 87. He fled to Canada with his wife, writer and...