If You Favour Choice, You Should Favour a Crown Telco

The right-wing supporters of "free enterprise" in Canada claim to favour choice. Except if that choice includes a publicly-owned company to provide your cellphone and other telecommunications service. Two weeks ago my union called on the Harper Conservatives to establish a Crown corporation to fulfill this objective. We were promptly mocked by right-wing voices.

Want a New Cellphone? Hold Off Until December

Every Canadian who has signed up to a cell phone contract in the last year, or who intends to sign one before December, will be forced to remain in that contract beyond June 2015, or pay a hefty cancellation fee. As we move forward to fix our broken cell phone and telecom market we recommend Canadians hold off until December to get a new cell phone to ensure you can benefit from the new two year contract limits. If Big Telecom is successful in their court case those who sign up before December might be stuck in a restrictive contract until nearly 2017.