Sasquatch Spotted In B.C.?

A B.C. man believes he may have spotted a sasquatch in the British Columbia mountains. In a video uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago, a large black dot appears to move up a mountain outside Squamish. M...
Conrad Olson

How An Epic Gig Changed My Life

Fast forward to Sasquatch, and my feelings transcended the euphoria I had previously felt. Suddenly Mumford & Sons were speaking directly to me with this song. Lyrics about being separated from someone you love, despite the chain that binds you, took on a whole new meaning. The universe was speaking directly to me.

WATCH: Is This Bigfoot?

Is "Bigfoot" wandering the wilds of Mission, B.C.? Let's face it, it's highly unlikely, but two videos posted online by a Vancouver and Kelowna-based app development company have people wondering. Pla...