Scandal Bev Oda


How Bev Oda Destroyed Canada's Foreign Aid Reputation

To Canadian taxpayers, the 67-year old and first Japanese Canadian MP who has just resigned will always be known as the Minister who charged the government $16 for an orange juice at an international health conference for the poor. Under her watch, many counties have had their Canadian (foreign) aid cut or reduced at best. What she may have been successful destroying is a great Canadian brand in the process.
CP/Savoy Hotel

Harper, Where's Bev Oda's Pink Slip?

Whatever her other talents, cabinet minister Bev Oda has a casual, socialistic preference to spend public money -- and to apologize only when caught. She is so prone to stumble into scandals that you'd think a politician with judgement as shrewd as the Prime Minister would have relegated her to the back benches long ago.