Schoolyard Bullying


Remember That School Yard Bully? Hello, He's Now Your Boss

There's a reason kids tend to not speak up about bullying, which is that doing so will most likely result in further bullying. A better plan of action is to teach your kids how to fight back. There are a lot of losers out there and one must learn to live with the losers because they are for some unexplainable reason a part of life. This approach offers the added bonus of serving your child well as he or she eventually grows to become a working stiff and undoubtedly encounters adult jerks, like that useless lump of a coworker who resorts to insults to overcompensate for his lack of intellect and ability.

How I Bullied the Bully

I grew up despising bullies, perhaps because my father loathed them. When my sister Robin was being bullied, my pal Jim McConkie and I would trail her as she walked to school. When the bully harassed her, we were on him. It solved the problem.

How to Reform a Bully

Can a bully learn to be a kind and caring person; to live and let live? The answer is yes, but only if they're able to heal their self-loathing and develop the same self-acceptance that everyone requires.