Senate Abolition


Do We Really Need the Senate?

More than anything, it leads me back to the bigger question of whether the Senate is relevant at all. In my work as a small business lobbyist, I've met dozens of senators over the years, and many are wonderful people who take their appointment seriously and try to take on important public policy issues or causes. But do the costs outweigh the benefits? And if we do need a Senate, is the current structure delivering?

Why Fixing The Senate Feels Impossible

OTTAWA - Revelations from Mike Duffy's fraud trial and a looming audit report on the expense excesses of his fellow senators will doubtless fuel demands for an overhaul or outright abolition of Canada...

Senate Reform? That's On You, Provinces

MONTREAL - Prime Minister Stephen Harper reiterated Thursday that the Supreme Court ruling on Senate reform means the issue is clearly now in the hands of the provinces.The court ruled last week that...

The Senate Reference and Taking Steps Forward

The Supreme Court just released its long-awaited Senate Reference decision. And the response was spectacularly rebuking. Harper posed the following questions to the Court and the following responses were provided. I have significantly condensed the decision for easy access.

Mulroney, Charest Talk Senate Abolition

MONTREAL - A former prime minister and an ex-Quebec premier say they don't think the Senate expenses scandal is a good enough reason to get rid of the upper chamber.Senate abolition and reform was jus...

Abolish The Senate, Says BC NDP

VICTORIA - British Columbia New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix is calling for the abolition of Canada's Senate.Dix says he will introduce a motion in the B.C. legislature in February to get rid of the Sen...

Feds: We Don't Need Provincal Input

OTTAWA - Don't make it impossible to change Canada's scandal-plagued Senate.That was the underlying message to Supreme Court justices Thursday as they wrapped up a historic hearing that will decide ho...

Praise For Scandal-Plagued Senate

OTTAWA - A Supreme Court hearing on what it would take to reform or abolish Canada's Senate is coming in the nick of time for the much-maligned upper house.The arguments advanced by the provinces will...

Tories Turning Against Senate?

OTTAWA - While the NDP bangs the drum for Senate abolition in the Commons, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is likely to hear the same beat coming from inside his own Conservative caucus.Government MPs g...

Not So Fast

OTTAWA - The murky constitutional waters surrounding reform of Canada's disgraced Senate have been further muddied by two lawyers appointed by the Supreme Court to give impartial advice on the subject...