Senate Scandal 2013


It's Time for Stephen Harper to Man Up

It is difficult to keep track of the ever-growing list of accusations, insinuations, and conjecture dropping like grenades in the Wright/Duffy Scandal. The Prime Minister has consistently maintained that he was not apprised of the $90,000 cheque. I have consistently believed him. But there comes a point when it no longer matters who knew what or when.

Senate Scandal: Harper Must Pause, Reflect and Move Forward

With the Senate scandal continuing unabated, there is tremendous wear and tear on everyone involved. These scandals tend to take over your entire day, you become buried in the muck, either throwing it or slipping deeper into it. A political crisis of this magnitude wears staff down and it always impacts on the man at the top. It is time for the Prime Minister to pause and reflect.

Senators Need Fewer Dollars and More Sense

The majority of hardworking Canadians don't give to two figs about the personal trials and tribulations of three Senate politicos pigging out at the public trough. Most Canadians, earn nowhere near the annual $130,000 salary of the senators. We should strongly urge Prime Minister Harper to slash each senator's annual salary to $65,000. To avoid any funny business, no senator will be entitled to any additional living, travel or personal expense benefits. In addition, no senator will be entitled to the benefits of any two tier gold-plated health care coverage. Each senator will have the benefit of the same health care coverage as average Canadians.