Suspension Proposal Sparks Debate

OTTAWA - A Conservative proposal to suspend three senators without pay and benefits is sparking a passionate debate inside the upper chamber over the powers and independence of Parliament and just how...

Tories Turning Against Senate?

OTTAWA - While the NDP bangs the drum for Senate abolition in the Commons, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is likely to hear the same beat coming from inside his own Conservative caucus.Government MPs g...

A Candid Letter to Steve Harper

Dear Steve: Ordinarily, I'm not in the habit of writing to sitting prime ministers. But even I have to pause and wonder what the heck is going on with your gang up there in Ottawa these days. Have you all been starting cocktail hour at lunchtime or smoking all that excess B.C. bud confiscated by the RCMP?

Look Who's Calling the Kettle Black

I recently read that the Premier of Saskatchewan, Mr. Brad Wall, is supporting the call for the abolishment of the Senate in light of the expense scandals. He says that the Senate "hasn't the credibility that it should have." I have to admit that I find these statements quite ironic coming from Premier Wall.

The Senate: Where Transparency Goes to Be Mocked

Canadians are waiting while Deloitte wraps up its investigation of Senator Wallin's claims. And then, we are led to understand that the Board of Internal Economy will develop its own report. With a breathtaking tone-deafness that makes a mockery of the principle of transparency.

Easy Senate Fixes

The time for delusions of grandeur is over. If the Senate wants to survive, it must join all other modern democratic institutions and commit right away to transparent, accountable, and open administration of its internal affairs. Stop balking and dismantle the Board of Internal Economy.