Duffy Declared Eligible For PEI Seat

Senator Mike Duffy is eligible for his Prince Edward Island seat in the Senate, his party's Senate leader said Thursday. A Senate committee looking at residency expenses had asked for legal advice on...

New Rule For B.C. Senator Appointments?

VICTORIA - B.C.'s Liberal government has introduced — but doesn't intend to pass — legislation that would allow voters to elect Senate nominees.Attorney General Shirley Bond said Wednesday Elections B...

Prove Where You Live, Senators Told

Senators unwilling or unable to provide documented proof of their residence are being called on the carpet and forced to explain themselves in a series of meetings with members of the Senate's interna...

Forget Reform -- Let's Abolish the Senate!

The recent scandals involving senators offer more reasons to question the Senate's continued existence. Senators currently control investigations into other senators' ethics, spending, attendance and actions overall. This is a completely ineffective system undermined by rampant conflicts of interest -- and senators are not even talking about changing it. While there are many proposals to reform the Senate, they all leave or create more problems than they solve, and all require changes to the Constitution (as Prime Minister Harper will soon learn when the Supreme Court of Canada rules on his reference case) -- so abolishing the Senate is no more difficult than any other option.

Get On That, Tories Tell Supreme Court

OTTAWA - The federal government is asking the Supreme Court to study its Senate-reform proposals as quickly as it can.Two weeks ago, the top court was asked to provide its opinion on the constitutiona...

Are the Conservatives Shooting Themselves in the Foot?

Finally the NDP is making Question Period interesting to watch. And they have the Conservatives to thank for handing them the issues and the ammunition. I am speaking about NDP attacks on the Senate and the financial questions. It is often said that governments defeat themselves and it is issues like these that accumulate over time and eventually ruin your brand.
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I Love Being a Senator, but My Heart Is in Saskatchewan

They say that home is where the heart is. My heart is in Wadena, Sask., and so is my home. My parents and sister live there, as do her two married daughters. There's a street named after me and a sign on the outskirts proclaiming, "Home of Pamela Wallin." Last year, I spent 168 days in my home province, not just with family but participating in dozens and dozens of events. But I also spent 94 days in Ottawa fulfilling my Senate duties. It is an honour to serve in the Senate, and I will continue to work just as hard as I can in my limited time here to serve the province and the people I love.

Operation Senate Salvation

OTTAWA - Conservative and Liberal leaders in the much-maligned Senate are joining forces to salvage the upper chamber's tarnished reputation.They are demanding a swift — and public — resolution to all...

Is She Next?

Saskatchewan Senator Pamela Wallin says her home is in the province, and she is complying with Senate residency requirements, but she was reluctant to provide more details. Wallin did not answer CBC'...
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The Ugly Truth About Bill C-377

Canadians should be made aware that Bill C-377 is a competition issue, not a national public policy issue. Canadian tax payers will be footing the bill for the design, start-up, maintenance, and monitoring costs that the CRA will incur for the increased union reporting.

It's Been A Bad Year For The Senate

OTTAWA - It's been a rough year for Canada's upper house.Thursday's ouster of Sen. Patrick Brazeau from the Conservative caucus after reports of a domestic disturbance at his home is just the latest i...
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What Union Leaders Aren't Telling You About Bill C-377

When the Senate returns this week, one of the major items on its agenda will be Private Member's Bill C-377, which would impose new financial reporting requirements on organized labour. With that in mind, here are five key aspects of the legislation to consider as the Senate debates the Bill and union leaders engage in a renewed propaganda campaign.

Harper's Top Seven Successes in Seven Years

This week marks seven years since Stephen Harper was first elected Prime Minister of Canada. The Harper Administration has been described as a dark cloud, but it does boast a silver lining. A thin one. Perhaps the Prime Minister should reassess his criteria and/or consider these seven success stories as feathers in his conservative cap.
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The Senate's Seal Experiment Is Doomed

The Canadian Senate, our Senate, has just released its report on the "management" of grey seal populations on Canada's East Coast and recommends spending millions in taxpayer dollars on an "experiment" that is so incredibly flawed that, whatever the result, it will be entirely unreliable.

Senate: We're Not Hiding Anything

OTTAWA - Canada's upper parliamentary chamber insists it's not trying to hide information. In fact, a Senate committee says, just the opposite is true.A rare rebuttal from the Senate standing committe...

Explain Your Absence

The government leader in the Senate has asked the Standing Senate Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration for a review of the rules about attendance in the upper chamber, days after...

The Doctor Who Risked His Reputation to Oppose Bill C-31

On Monday, Cabinet Minister Joe Oliver made a federal funding announcement at Toronto General Hospital. However, within minutes of Minister Oliver taking the podium, something truly exceptional occurred; emergency room doctor Chris Keefer walked boldly up to the front of the room. Despite attempts by a hospital administrator to shut down Keefer's interruption, he nonetheless persisted.

Want Real Senate Reform? Appoint Inspiring, Worthy Advocates

The depressing issue of crime in the black community deserves an advocate and the senate is a great place to start with. In a Conservative government that believes in the empowerment of victims, the next member of the Canadian senate should come from the black mothers who have been touched by random and senseless crimes in Toronto.

NDP's Topp Wants Senate Gone

OTTAWA - NDP leadership hopeful Brian Topp is advancing a new reason to abolish Canada's unelected Senate: its potential to paralyze a national New Democrat government.Should he become prime minister,...