Shannen Koostachin

Attawapiskat: Where Shannen's Dream Became a Reality (VIDEO)

It's been five months since a unanimous vote by the government to build a new school in Attiwapiskat. This was Shannen's school. To them, it wasn't the government or the politicians who had made this school a reality, it was Shannen Koostachin. She was one of their own. She was their voice. After 13 long years of heartache and struggle, the community was finally getting a real grade school.

Harper Spin Put Under Third-Party Management

Given the Harper government's frequent pronouncements about how they have "heavily invested" in Attawapiskat, I'm sure some of you are puzzled about its third-world conditions. I've decided to place Harper's communications department under third-party management until all of the facts are sorted out.