Simon Fraser University


How This Architect Combated Urban Sprawl

The bulldozing of landscapes and older areas of cities Arthur Erickson viewed as an act of aggression against one's fellow humans only exceeded by warfare itself. Instead of freeways the answer he proposed was denser urban cores and, instead of high rises, vertical real estate in diverse layers with services at every level.

How Many Are Left?

VANCOUVER - A new study says the British Columbia government doesn't know how many grizzly bears remain in the province and is risking their survival by continuing to allow a commercial hunt for the b...
Susannah Meyer

Building a Global Village Takes Work

Good leaders can deliver inspiration, but it's great leaders that facilitate mobilization. People become citizens, and citizens become leaders. The theme "make it yours" should resonate with the spirit of individual accountability. It's up to everyone in the audience (and beyond) to take those words of inspiration and turn them into action. Make a commitment to taking action and getting connected with your neighborhoods, communities, or the global village. Make a difference!

SFU Needs Urgent Repairs, Students Say

Members of the Graduate Student Society at Simon Fraser University are raising concerns about crumbling buildings on the Burnaby campus, alleging that some students and faculty have become ill from th...

Have You Seen These Bagpipes?

A 17-year-old piper is hoping someone will return her bagpipes after the instrument went missing on the SFU campus last month. Tyentyen Chen is one of more than 100 people who are a part of the unive...

Sowing Goodness: SFU's Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

There's something to be said about spending a lifetime scratching that entrepreneurial itch and some may call you nuts along the way. In British Columbia, SFU's new RADIUS Ventures is a promising business incubator sure to nurture our next generation of do-gooders with bright solutions to everyday problems.

How A Green Daycare Is Raising Green Kids

The children born into one of Metro Vancouver's newest communities will live and learn in homes and schools that are at least LEED Gold. Their childcare centre, part of SFU's UniverCity, celebrates its first anniversary this month, and is expected to be certified as Canada's first Living Building - which is to say, the first building with a zero environmental footprint. These are youngsters who will believe, absolutely, that it is possible to live in a sustainable world because they will have spent their whole life in a sustainable community.

B.C. Business Pillar Dies At 72

Business leader and philanthropist Milton Wong, who grew up among eight siblings in Vancouver's Chinatown and later helped broker British Columbia's first modern-day land claims agreement, has died at...