Social Media Advertising


What Facebook's News Feed Changes Mean for Users

Essentially, there are two key takeaways from Facebook changes that users can expect will only increase for the foreseeable future: First, they are likely to see more high quality content that tends to align better with their interests and behaviour. Second, it is likely that paid branded content will increase as organic reach decreases.

Three Examples of Contextual Advertising Done Right

The Sochi Olympics, like other popular television viewing events (read: Oscars, Super Bowl) reinforced the importance and potential effectiveness of contextually relevant ads. Think of the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion spot that went viral, or Proctor & Gamble's Thank You Mom commercial.

Social Media: Advertisers, Proceed With Caution

Marketers on social media should ask the simple question: how can we use these tools to bring value to our customers? We need to go back to basics and ask what marketing is supposed to do, and then look at how to do it best with these new inexpensive tools. It's both that simple and that difficult.