Soldier Suicides


'A Different Battlefield'

Former chief of defence staff Rick Hillier fears more soldiers may take their own lives over this holiday season and is calling for a board of inquiry or Royal Commission into what the military is doi...
Diane Macdonald via Getty Images

Soldiers Commit Suicide Because of Invisible Wounds

In seven days, Canada lost four soldiers to suicide. They died of despair. Suffering mental wounds from their service, able to foresee the end of their careers but unable to see how they could survive after, they succumbed to their injuries and took their own lives. We might give it fancy clinical names, like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Operational Stress Injury, but that doesn't change the condition: broken mind.

'I Prayed To Die'

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - A British war veteran recently held in the same Alberta jail where a Canadian soldier killed himself says the justice system doesn't properly deal with people who have post-traumat...

Military Suicide Rate Expected To Rise

OTTAWA - Despite the suicides of three Afghan war veterans this week, a military psychiatrist says there has not been a recent increase in suicide rates among Canadian Forces members.But those numbers...