Stacey Mckenzie Toronto Fashion Week

A Youthful Perspective On Day Five of Toronto's Fashion Week

I woke up to the most beautiful day: the sun was shining, it was kind of warm and I was ready to rock some shorts for the finale of an inspiring World Mastercard Fashion Week! I was able to sleep in and relax for awhile, then I headed out to surprise a group of students that I met when I attended their school to speak earlier this year.
Stacey McKenzie

Fearless Fashionistas On Day Three Of Fashion Week

I attended the Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh and Mackage shows, all of which were fantastic. I especially enjoyed the cool new generation of fashionistas rocking they're avant-garde style. The tent was buzzing with fearlessness! Being a fearless risk-taker sets you apart from everyone else. It establishes originality, uniqueness and makes fashion FUN.