A Youthful Perspective On Day Five of Toronto's Fashion Week

I woke up to the most beautiful day: the sun was shining, it was kind of warm and I was ready to rock some shorts for the finale of an inspiring World Mastercard Fashion Week! I was able to sleep in and relax for awhile, then I headed out to surprise a group of students that I met when I attended their school to speak earlier this year.
Stacey McKenzie

Fearless Fashionistas On Day Three Of Fashion Week

I attended the Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh and Mackage shows, all of which were fantastic. I especially enjoyed the cool new generation of fashionistas rocking they're avant-garde style. The tent was buzzing with fearlessness! Being a fearless risk-taker sets you apart from everyone else. It establishes originality, uniqueness and makes fashion FUN.

Canadian VIPs In The Front Row

Elisha Cuthbert can't get enough of Toronto Fashion Week. The "Happy Endings" star was spotted Wednesday night for the second time at the fashion event at Toronto's David Pecault Square. The actress...