The Senate Scandal Is Really Stephen's Scandal

While Stephen Harper would like to focus on "bad" senators behaving as "bad" senators do, abusing the public trust and claiming expenses for which they were not entitled, the larger scandal is the one that transpired inside PMO. The events in Langevin Block are of critical importance to the people of Canada. Let's face it -- from beginning to end, Stephen Harper was thick as thieves with Mike Duffy. The rules were there to be bent. And once the abuse of the public purse reached the light of day, just like so many sycophants before him, Mike Duffy was expected to happily roll under the bus. But, with apologies to Dylan Thomas, Mike Duffy will not go quietly under that good bus.

'Very Dark' Period For Tories

Which came first for Stephen Harper’s Conservative government — the bad polls or the bad press? The question has been asked lately, particularly after polls missed the call of the election in British...